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In a previous article, we discussed the importance of Funeral Representatives. For this article, we’d like to explain what to do if a loved one passes away and they did not nominate a Funeral Representative.

This may seem unlikely, but this can happen numerous different ways and each case is unique.

For example, suppose a parent does not have a Funeral Representative and the authority falls to the parent’s children. If just one child does not agree to any part of the funeral plan or can’t be located, the entire process could be put on hold, while the loved one’s body remains on hold for days or even weeks.

Another example is if you and your loved one are not directly related, but you’ve had conversations with them about their final wishes and they have even informally asked you to carry out their funeral arrangements. If you are not the Funeral Representative, you may not be able to help carry out their final wishes.

Luckily, with the help of your local probate judge and a probate attorney, you can gain the authority to make these decisions and carry out your loved one’s final wishes.

We can assist you with obtaining the necessary orders from court. This often involves preparing and filing the required petitions with the court to hold a hearing on an emergency basis. Funeral Representatives who are appointed through probate court are still bound to any terms for the funeral arrangements left by the loved one.

It is incredibly stressful to handle grief and the court system at the same time. This is why you need to know where to turn for support. We are more than happy to offer assistance and alleviate some of the burden to make this process just a bit easier.

For more information about Funeral Representatives, feel free to reach out to our office via phone or email.

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